PENOBOARD anansuє a bud of a new plant near metro Ternopil

TM PENOBOARD, the manufacturer of extruded expanded polystyrene, has announced the construction of a new plant in the city of Ternopil, which will become another newest high-tech enterprise in our country. The logistical advantages and the availability of skilled personnel in the city made possible the emergence of new production, occupying 20,000 square meters. m. The company is currently one of the leaders in the market of building materials in the segment of thermal insulation materials. The existing production in Kherson has a capacity of 300,000 cubic meters. meters per year. In addition to the Ukrainian market, the company actively exports its own products abroad – to Poland, Romania, Hungary, etc. The increase in demand for extruded expanded polystyrene in Ukrainian and European consumers has led to active efforts to expand production.
TM PENOBOARD, as a Ukrainian national manufacturer, decided to expand production in Ukraine. At the moment, agreements have already been reached on the construction of the new plant, which is tentatively set to begin in September. The best and most environmentally friendly building materials will be used for construction in Ternopil. In addition, the plant will purchase the latest European equipment, which will continue to maintain the quality mark of Ukrainian construction materials of the best quality. These are new automated lines that require only minor staff intervention. The capacity of two plants for the production of extruded TM PENOBOARD expanded polystyrene foam in Kherson and Ternopil will be 500,000 cubic meters. meters per year. This will completely satisfy the growing demand in the Ukrainian market and further strengthen the products in the European markets.

The opening of the new plant is a significant investment in the Ukrainian economy, which is now actively being restored and reformatted. The production of building materials can and should become one of the engines of economic growth. Extruded expanded polystyrene, as one of the most popular insulation materials, given the increasing energy efficiency requirements of buildings in the world, Europe and Ukraine, in particular, could become another productive card of our country abroad.
The new production of TM PENOBOARD, besides the use of the latest European equipment, is also being designed with the most stringent environmental requirements. Such a step is the fundamental position of a company that cares about its employees, their health and the environment. High environmental friendliness of production will allow to establish new standards for Ukrainian enterprises, bringing them back into wide use for business. The plant will be able to employ about one hundred workers with all the necessary bonuses for the personnel of one of the best production facilities in the country.
Commenting on the company’s decision to expand production, CEO of TM PENOBOARD Delaware Yüksel emphasized that the company is pleased to expand production and create new high-paying jobs in our difficult time. “This is not just an investment in manufacturing. It is an investment in the Ukrainian economy and in the future. Ukraine can save up to $ 5 billion a year through isolation, which will reduce energy costs. The new equipment will allow us to compete primarily with European manufacturers. We are also planning to invest in fiberglass and mineral wool production in the near future, said Mr Yuxel.

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