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Extruded polystyrene foam, the price is 100% consistent with the quality

Name of productSize, mmUnit of measurementVolume pack., , m3/m2Quantity in pack, piecesWholesale price, UAH/m3Price for outlets (TT), UAH/m3Recommended retail price, UAH/m3
XPS PENOBOARD(20*1250*600)м3 0.315/15.7521263027303000
XPS PENOBOARD(30*1250*600)м30.315/10.5014263027303000
XPS PENOBOARD(40*1250*600)м3 0.300/7.5010260027002970
XPS PENOBOARD(50*1250*600)м30.300/6.008260027002970
XPS PENOBOARD(60*1250*600)м3 0.315/5.257 28502950 3300
XPS PENOBOARD(80*1250*600)м3 0.300/3.755295031003400
XPS PENOBOARD (90*1250*600)м30.270/3.004295031003400
XPS PENOBOARD(100*1250*600)м30.300/3.004295031003400
XPS PENOBOARD(120*1250*600)м30.270/2.253300031503500
XPS PENOBOARD(10*1250*600)м30.315/31.5042300031503500
XPS PENOBOARD (20*1200*550)м30.2772/13.8621 263027303000
XPS PENOBOARD (30*1200*550)м30.2772/9.2414 263027303000
XPS PENOBOARD(40*1200*550)м30.264/6.6010260027002970
XPS PENOBOARD(50*1200*550)м30.264/5.288260027002970

* XPS PENOBOARD — size is available on request and is estimated at 8% more expensive.

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Expanded polystyrene: price for quality!

Choosing a heater for walls, in most cases, the price plays a major role. Only then they choose where to buy the material and other criteria that may interest the customer.

To date, there are enough varieties of insulation – in addition to polystyrene, on the market you can find many alternatives such as polystyrene foam whose price is slightly different from ordinary polystyrene, but the quality is also pleasantly pleasing.

Expanded polystyrene is a high-quality material, which includes polystyrene for wall insulation, which in recent years has won the trust of many users – not only in the ratio of price and quality, but also in the length of service.

Due to the low moisture permeability of the material, as well as high vapor impermeability, it lasts for a long service life without losing important properties.

LLC Elit-Plast provides high-quality polystyrene foam boards the price of which will pleasantly surprise you. Expanded polystyrene passes several levels of testing before taking it to work.

Why expanded polystyrene from Elit-Plast LLC?

Since the market for materials is huge, many people ask why it is worth contacting a particular company in order to buy material and how these companies differ.

Turning to us, you can be sure that you are getting high-quality material, for which you receive an additional guarantee.

Introducing a material such as extruded polystyrene foam whose price is higher than other materials (with lower quality), we conduct extensive testing to make sure that our product will satisfy you 100%.

High technologies allow us to check polystyrene foam for strength, moisture resistance, resistance to burning and many other properties without harming the material itself.

Features of expanded polystyrene from LLC Elit-Plast

Many do not know how to check the material for durability and authenticity, and therefore fall into the traps of fraudsters. Therefore, Elite-Plast LLC provides its customers with the entire list of material features, as well as the results of studies obtained during testing.

And so, what is so special about the material that we offer?

Moisture resistant. For a year of use, our product can absorb up to 25 mm of moisture, which easily evaporates in the future.

Resistance to fungi. Neither moisture nor fungus formation are scary for our material. A feature of polystyrene foam is that it is able to withstand mold and fungal formations.

Long service life. Using the material in the temperature range from -40 to +40, it can last you about 80 years. Accordingly, comparing ordinary polystyrene foam, which is cheaper and lasts several times less, polystyrene foam occupies a winning position – quality justifies the price. If you calculate how many times you have to change the foam over 80 years and calculate how much it will result in, it becomes obvious that the extruded polystyrene foam whose price is higher is a better offer.

Resistance to fire. This property can only be verified by the ignition method. Our material demonstrates high quality by the fact that after a tan it dies out in a matter of seconds. If the material burns for more than 5 seconds – its quality is doubtful and not worth your attention and money.

With Penoboard, desires and requirements – reality!

By purchasing material, you can rely on us without remorse and we will do our best to not let you down.

The high quality of the material will repulse many foreign analogues, which are several times more expensive, although in many cases they are even inferior in quality.

You should not cheapen on comfort that will please you, your family and your relatives for decades – order Penoboard high-quality extruded polystyrene foam and be sure that in the near future you will not need to think about how to insulate the walls in your apartment, house, office or other area.

Penoboard – the choice of many customers! Become one of them and make sure that the material we offer is the best solution for insulation and comfort in the home.

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