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Affiliate program for those who are going to become a PENOBOARD partner for the first time.

In order to become a VIP partner of a company, it is necessary to fulfill a procurement plan (available on request) in 2016. Prices for VIP partners are negotiated individually.

Participation in the affiliate program gives the opportunity to receive the following preferences:

  • Personal support by the sales director.
  • Probable credit programs (negotiated individually).
  • Information and technical support.
  • Advertising support
  • Providing fast logistics.

The discount for the future period is determined by the result of the past period:

– the amount of funds received to the seller’s account

– selected product

Under the guarantee of constant availability of goods in stock. Failure by the buyer to comply with the conditions for the selected volume of goods entails a price increase for the next period, to the level of the selected volume.

The regional and base price is determined individually for each company, and directly depends on the cost of production and the US dollar.

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