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Foundation insulation at low groundwater levels

Foundation insulation

PB-BASEMENT-1 is a foundation insulation system with a low groundwater level. The need for insulation in modern construction is due to the need to reduce material costs for maintaining the required temperature in the room, since about 20% of the heat losses of cottages are in the basement. In addition, the use of modern heat-insulating materials in unheated basements makes it possible to maintain a constant temperature of about 5-10 degrees during the year and avoids the appearance of wall condensate, which contributes to the development of mold. To isolate the foundation of buildings in low groundwater conditions, the PB-BASEMENT-1 insulation system is recommended.

The use of extruded Penoboard expanded polystyrene makes it possible to protect the waterproofing layer. It prevents temperature fluctuations on the surface of the waterproofing membrane and protects it from mechanical stress. When using this system in conditions of low groundwater, the use of profiled membranes is required to increase the reliability of the insulation system. For vertical waterproofing, one layer of bitumen polymer material is used. This allows you to organize vertical wall drainage of precipitation.

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